Account Executive: Sam Skaggs    Copywriter: Emma Grossman​​​​​​​
To create a multi-platform mock advertising campaign for our "client" Petcurean Go! with the objective of introducing this niche Canadian pet food line to the American market. 

I worked as the Art Director, alongside a Copywriter and an Account Executive, to bring our ideas to fruition over the course of 8 weeks.

In the end we placed first in a competition with over 40 teams. ​​​​​​​

The first step in our process as a team was to come up with a creative brief that would guide all of our actions. We also defined our target market at this stage, and we chose to market to 25-50 year olds who own a dog or cat, of all racial and marital demographic types, making $50,000 to $100,000 a year.

Our biggest points that came out of the research we did, was that 

1) Members of our target audience are likely willing to spend money on their dogs and cats and consider their pets part of their families. They care about their dogs and cats and want to make their lives as easy as possible. They have dealt with problems before and are looking for a new solution. 

2) People love pet humor. There are millions of "cat videos" on YouTube and people love to watch pets doing silly, human-like things. 

3) The pet food market is very saturated. We knew that if we wanted to stand out, we would have to do something unusual and unexpected.

From there, it was my job to rebrand this line. I knew from the start our campaign was going to be a little outrageous, so I wanted to keep our logo fun, but still simple and recognizable.  As for colors, I went with ones that were gender neutral and bold. ​​​​​​​

As Art Director, our print ads were primarily my responsibility, besides the copy. I decided to go with stylized illustrations to match the absurdity and silliness of our advertisements, along with unrealistic and bold colors. We decided to keep our designs and typefaces relatively simple, as to not overwhelm the reader. We bolded the lead-in to our body copy as to not lose the positive payoff of our advertisements. Finally, we included the hashtag #BecausePetsCan which is consistent across our whole campaign. 

We knew we would be questioned in our choice to use illustrations rather than photos, given that is the norm in pet advertising and it is hard to move away from adorable pet photos. But given the saturation of the market, and the amount of pet pictures out there, we knew we had to do something different. In using illustratrations that were not lifelike, we can grab the viewer's attention in a sea of dog and cat pictures. We were also the only team to present with illustrations, which helped us stand out in the competition.

In the final part of our project, before presenting, we had to prove that our campaign "had legs" and could be taken outside of just the print realm. To do so, we created out of home advertisements as well as social media content to make our campaign fully-integrated. For all of these we kept our target market in mind, and stuck to our big idea of "Because your pet can't..." 
For our out of home advertisement we went with the concept of a vending machine that would dispose samples of your pet's perfect Petcurean Go! formula. I also designed an aisle invader that would direct consumers to the same quiz via pet food stores across America. 
A microsite/quiz for consumers to find their pet's perfect formula. I used original illustrations and designs. Photos are not mine and are being used for educational purposes only. 
Here is a quick video to show our 7-minute presentation to the judges and class.