At a school as large as Mizzou, how do we make our student organization stand out while still communicating our message effectively?

To solve this problem, I rebranded AAF - Mizzou to have a modern and clever look. I adhere to the brand standards I created in all that we post so our brand is clear, consistent and recognizable.   

After a year in this position I increased @AAFMizzou's following on instagram by over 60 percent. The account's engagement has also increased with more shares, comments and likes on our posts. We also saw great turnout to our meetings, with over 200 RSVPs to our first meeting of the 2020 fall semester. 
Here are just a few of our most popular posts and their engagement insights.
When rebranding this organization , my two goals were modernity and consistency.

For modernity, I focused on our logo. When creating a new logo, I wanted the emphasis to be on "AAF" because first and foremost, that is what we are. But I also wanted to connect us to Mizzou in a clever way. I went with subtle columns behind the letters, with the final column signifying an exclamation point. I went ahead and put Mizzou underneath, just to make sure it was clear to anyone viewing who may not be familiar with the columns. 

For consistency, I came up with a color palette that I adhere to in all of our social posts, and of which I rotate for the border of the post. When choosing the colors, I wanted to include a color close to Mizzou gold, and then I went from there. I wanted the colors to be both professional, yet youthful.  I also have a font that I stick to in all posts, and I make all of our photos black and white. All of these efforts make our posts cohesive, making our brand recognizable in the endless scrolling of social media feeds.